SOILSAVER™ Backyard Compost Bin

Triformis Corporation is the wholesale distributor of the SOILSAVER™. We also sell to the public.

Why buy the SOILSAVER™ from Triformis Corporation
Headquarters in the United States
US based customer service representatives
Converts yard trimmings and food waste into compost for house and garden plants and fruit trees
Made from 100% recycled material
86 Gallons/11.5 cubic ft
Easy to assemble and use
Efficient square design, ideal for all backyards
Easy to stir and mix for aerobic decomposition
2 slide up door openings for convenient compost harvesting
Optional base
SOILSAVER™ Backyard Composter

Please contact Triformis Corporation at (310) 641-6767 or for government sales.