Leading distributor of Can-O-Worms and Wriggly Wranch worm compost bins, SoilSaver and Earth Machine backyard compost bins, Compost Tumblers and Rain Barrels.

We specialize in cutting edge, environmental products for urban and home gardeners. We distribute industry leading Worm Compost Bins, Backyard Compost Bins, Rain Barrels and related products that fit into the budgets of today's cost-conscious consumer.

Some of our top sellers:

CAN-O-WORMS™ - Worm Farm

See our CAN-O-WORMS™ - Compost Bin

SOILSAVER™ - Backyard Compost Bin

See our SOILSAVER™ - Backyard Compost Bin

Please contact Triformis Corporation at (310) 641-6767 or for municipal sales.